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How do I transfer my google drive files to an external account when I leave?
Last Updated 3 years ago

You can use the following proceedures to transfer files out of your google account.

The first method is simple but it will convert all of your google files into microsoft formatted files (docs will become word, sheets will become excel, etc.)

  • Select all of the files you wish to export, right click and select download. This will download your files to a zip file.
  • You can transfer this zip file to a flash drive and carry it with you.

This second method may be the preferred method if you mostly have google docs, sheets and slides formatted files and you don't want to deal with converting file types.

  • In your Google Drive, create a folder called "Export" or whatever you would like to name it.
  • Right click this new folder and click share. Share this folder with your external google account.
  • Move any files that you want to transfer into this folder.
  • Log into your external Google Drive and go to the "Shared with Me" section.
  • Open the "Export" folder that you shared with yourself.
  • Select any files and folders that you want to move into your external account, right click and select "Move to".
  • This will allow you to move these files into your external account and they will dissapear from your account.
  • If you still need access to these files from your account you can share them back to yourself from your external account.

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