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How to upload multiple files at once to Safari Montage
Last Updated 8 years ago

First you go to the Creation station area and go to Bulk media upload. (BTW, this does NOT work in Chrome) (

Use the attached .csv file to list where your files are on your computer. In my example they are all in my Google Drive in 1 folder.

Then you click on Bulk Media upload. If you get the Java error you need to have Java updated. I ran the script to update Ninite and get the error program locked. I went into configure Java and on the security tab I unchecked the Enable Java in the Browser.
Inline image 1
Then I re-ran Ninite and it updated Java. Once Ninite ran, I went back and re-enabled the Java in the browser since it is enabled by default.

When the upload started you have to point Java to the folder where the files are and click on the first one to upload. Once you do that it runs. I uploaded all those files listed in my .csv file and it took about 15 minutes off my laptop over the wireless.

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