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Updating Your Computer (Java/FireFox/Chrome/Flash/etc.)
Last Updated 8 years ago

  1. If your computer is complaining that it needs some support application updated (such as Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), then following this FAQ to fix this yourself.
  2. Start by locating the "UpdateThisComputer" icon on your desktop (see the image below)
  3. image
  4. Double click this icon to start the update process.
  5. You will see the following window open up (see the image below)
  6. image
  7. In this new window (see above image), type in the password for the installer account. Please note that as you type there is no feed back given (in other words no dots will show up). Just have faith and keep on typing and then press enter when the password is complete.
  8. If you typed in the right password, you will see a window like the image below show up.
  9. image
  10. If you do NOT see the image above, your password was typed in wrong. Just go back to step 3
  11. Once this has finished updating, the window button in the window (shown below) will turn into a "Close" button.
  12. image
  13. Click the close button and you are finished updating!

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